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Mediation with parents and children, including in schools and kindergartens

Happy children, relaxed parents, dedicated teachers and satisfied humanity.

This should be the normal way of things but it sounds almost like a dream.

When my eldest daughter turned 12, a friend gave me a book entitled “Puberty is when parenting gets difficult”. It ‘got difficult’ with my own children three times and I have looked after endless children at kindergarten and yet I am still always amazed when I see parents and children who genuinely seem happy with one another.

What is their secret?

During my mediation sessions, I focus on the needs of each individual. Of course, I wish every child on this planet a happy childhood but parents also need affection and recognition during the difficult years of parenting. The spotlight is on the mutual interaction of give and take.

I have experienced many years of motherhood and this, paired with the in-depth training I have undertaken to become a registered mediator, has given me the skills I need to work in the difficult field of mediation between children and parents.